iKulT – Intercultural training modules for SMEs in Europe to promote mobility and transfer of knowledge

Intercultural competences become more and more important on the European labour market. Enterprises are becoming more and more global and international. On the one hand, this is reflected in the staff, which in many enterprises is becoming more and more international with different cultural backgrounds and different nationalities. On the other hand, employees must become competent and confident in an international business world. Intercultural competences are the basic requirement for success. Intercultural competences are key competences.
The objectives of the iKulT project are:
  • the development of intercultural training modules for participants in mobilitity programmes and other interested learners as well as for staff in SMEs from five different countries (DE, DK, IT, SI, TR),
  • the development and implementation of a certification approach for competences acquired in the intercultural training sessions and
  • the validation and demonstration of the intercultural training modules in target organisations in the partner countries.
The iKulT consortium consists of organisations from five European countries – Germany, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, and Turkey, who collaborate in the design of technology enhanced intercultural learning products. The participating organisations are all experienced in intercultural collaboration. Among these are vocational training institutions, technology enterprises, universities and consultancies with expertise in e-learning. Through the diversity of geographical regions and area of competences there will be an intensive innovation – and knowledge transfer. The project builds on innovative results from previous projects, which will be updated and transferred to vocational education and training.

Flexible learning approaches with state-of-the art information and communication technologies will be used to deliver the training modules. Hybrid and blended forms, combining technology enhanced learning with multimedia modules with the advantages of onsite workshops, will be applied. Thus, intercultural competences can be trained in an effective and motivating way. The modules accompanied by a handbook will soon be accessible from the portal www.ikult.eu.
The modules will help the learners to act and communicate in intercultural situations as well as to reflect their own cultures. They will help to reduce stereotypical thinking and to appreciate foreign cultures. At organisational level the modules help to integrate staff from different cultural backgrounds, improve staff motivation, and raise awareness for the interdependencies of interculturality, enterprise cultural and promotion of knowledge transfer. This will strengthen the global competitiveness and innovation especially in SMEs.

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Last modified: Monday, 21 April 2008, 06:49 PM